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Urban Development in Bien Hoa and the Goal of Exploiting High-rise Space

(News Portal – Dong Nai) - The potential for vertical development in the urban space of Bien Hoa is still immense, which is also considered one of the solutions for urban development in the context of increasingly limited land resources. 


The Sonadezi building is one of the few high-rise buildings in Bien Hoa at present. 

Underexploited Potential
Bien Hoa City is the central urban area of the province, therefore, in recent years, many infrastructure development projects have been invested in and implemented. However, due to rapid urbanization and a large population, the technical infrastructure and social infrastructure have not been able to meet the development demands.

Alongside that, the urban landscape of Bien Hoa also faces many limitations and lacks distinctive features. Particularly, an easily noticeable fact is that Bien Hoa lacks high-rise buildings that befit the image of a modern city.

Mr. Ho Van Ha, Director of the Department of Construction, believes that currently, there are only a few true high-rise buildings in Bien Hoa, such as the Sonadezi building and The Mira Central Park hotel. "For a type I urban area that is developing towards modernity, adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City and other urban areas in Binh Duong province, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, having only a few high-rise buildings is far too few," Mr. Hà expressed his opinion.

Chairman of the People's Committee of Bien Hoa City, Mr. Đo Khoi Nguyen, stated that the architectural form of Bien Hoa City is a blend of old and new. Besides the old buildings, there are also several new, majestic, and modern architectural works. However, currently, Bien Hoa City does not have any prominent structures in terms of scale and height. "For example, there is still no skyscraper in Bien Hoa City that is worthy of its stature," Mr. Đo Khoi Nguyen shared.

Appropriate Planning for Exploitation
Currently, Bien Hoa City is implementing the overall adjustment plan for the general master plan until 2045. At the same time, the city has also developed a plan to beautify the urban area. This is seen as a favorable opportunity for relevant authorities to plan for the efficient utilization of high-rise space in Bien Hoa in the future.

According to Director Ho Van Ha, in terms of the urban beautification and revitalization process in Bien Hoa, the Department of Construction proposes a pilot project to develop high-rise space in certain locations to create focal points. Specifically, according to Mr. Ha, in the process of revitalizing Bien Hoa City, in places where old buildings are removed, the city should boldly plan the land reserve with a "formula" of 60% for developing buildings, public spaces to serve the community. "With the remaining 40% of land reserve, develop skyscrapers. These structures will integrate complete commercial and service infrastructure to create residential areas that are worthy of the status of Bien Hoa City," Mr. Ha suggested.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Linh, Central Party Committee member and Party Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, believes that Bien Hoa City has not seen much development in terms of height, so there is still a significant potential for vertical development. Therefore, during the process of implementing the overall adjustment plan for the general master plan of Bien Hoa City until 2045, it is necessary to carefully consider which areas are allowed for vertical development and which areas are not. "Calculations and planning for the areas allowed for vertical development should be based on the flight paths of Tan Son Nhat, Long Thanh, and Bien Hoa airports," Party Secretary Nguyen Hong Linh emphasized.

According to Party Secretary Nguyen Hong Linh, the planning for vertical development in the urban space of Bien Hoa should be carefully discussed with the functional units of the Ministry of Defense before being integrated into the overall plan. "Calculations must be made to develop the height of certain areas in Bien Hoa City," Party Secretary Nguyen Hong Linh shared. ​

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