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Socio-Economic information

Need to improve the skills for high-quality human resource

Currently, many enterprises are facing difficulties in production and have to cut workers, high-quality human resource still have strong positions at enterprises. The reason is that skilled workers quickly adapt to all job positions when enterprises change production processes while unskilled workers are redundant. This is a common situation that requires employees to constantly improve their skills to have sustainable jobs at enterprises.

Raiffeisen Federation of Cooperatives - Federal Republic of Germany learns about the cooperative model of raising cows for beef in Dong Nai

TTDT - Experts from Raiffeisen Cooperative - Federal Republic of Germany have just visited and exchanged experiences with Xuan Hoa Cooperative of raising cows for beef in Xuan Loc district. Working with the delegation were Mr. Do Phuoc Dung - Director of Dong Nai Cooperatives Alliance, leaders of Farmers' Association, Xuan Loc district Agriculture Division and representatives of Xuan Hoa commune government.

Japanese Trade Promotion Organization surveys the investment environment in Dong Nai

TTDT - On the morning of March 23, Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thi Hoang had a meeting and worked with the delegation of the Japanese Trade Promotion Organization (JETRO) led by Mr. Matsumoto Nobuyuki

Prioritize investment resources for clean water in the rural

Clean water in the rural is one of the important criterias in new rural construction because clean water is directly related to people's health. This is also an important factor contributing to improving the quality of lives of rural people.

Dong Nai strives to have 2 newly upgraded rural districts by 2023

In 2023, Dong Nai continues to set high goals in new rural construction; strives to have 9 more communes meet the standards of advanced rural areas, 6 communes to meet the standards of model rural areas and especially 2 districts of advanced rural areas are Xuan Loc and Dinh Quan districts.

Bien Hoa plans to implement 3 projects of social housing

Bien Hoa plans to implement 3 projects of social housing

Saving electricity in industrial production, getting double benefits

On average, Dong Nai consumes more than 15 billion kWh of electricity each year, of which the industry - construction group accounts for more than 70%. Energy saving in this field is given special attention by the province.

Dong Nai is interested in supporting the project to develop the waterway and logistics corridor in the Southern region

On the morning of March 28, Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thi Hoang worked with the Ministry of Transport and the World Bank on the project "Development of the waterway and logistics corridor in the South".

Planning road traffic infrastructure to meet development needs

On March 29, the Economic and Budget Board of the Provincial People's Council supervised 2 units including the Department of Transport and the Department of Planning and Investment on the results of the implementation of the road traffic planning of Dong Nai province to 2025 and the orientation to 2030 in the province.

Provincial leaders meet FDI enterprises in 2023

TTDT - On the afternoon of March 31, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Cao Tien Dung chaired a conference to meet foreign invested enterprises (FDI) in 2023.

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