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Enterprises are interested in investing in wood industry parks

 (News Portal – Dong Nai) – Wood industry is one of the manufacturing industries has great export value with thousands of enterprises and production facilities, but currently the problem of space for production is a problem for many businesses in Dong Nai province. Currently, only a small portion of the province's wooden furniture manufacturing enterprises have factories located in concentrated industrial parks. 


Perspective of the proposed location to build Mo Nang Industrial Park in Vinh Cuu District 

Recently, a number of businesses, corporations as well as wood production associations have proposed building specialized industrial parks to solve the above situation, while creating new development for wooden furniture production in the province.

Lack of large areas for gathering wood production businesses

According to Dong Nai Wood Association (Dowa), less than 30% of wood enterprises in the area have factories located in industrial parks. The wood industry has also tried to attach Vietnam in general and Dong Nai in particular to the tour and trade promotion chain of countries and large corporations in the world, but currently Vietnam does not have enough organizational scale because of the lack of large-scale concentrated production and inter-industry production chain...

Based on the situation, Dowa, together with the Vietnam Timber & Forest Products Association and wood associations of key provinces and cities across the country, hope to receive local support for the proposal to build a production and inter-regional wooden furniture exhibition center with an area of about 1 thousand hectares in Xuan Loc District. The units have also cooperated to establish a separate enterprise to promote this task and are working with Xuan Loc District as well as provincial departments and sectors on related contents of the proposal.

Similarly, Tan Mai Group Joint Stock Company, a business specializing in afforestation, processing, paper and wood production with a large management, exploitation, and production area in Dong Nai, has also submitted a proposal to build a centralized industrial park called Mo Nang in Vinh Cuu district.

Tan Mai Group asked to be allowed to research and establish an industrial park with a scale of more than 200 hectares. The idea is to build a specialized wood production industrial park to serve the relocation of wood processing facilities in Bien Hoa City and neighboring localities out of existing residential areas. The industrial park will be invested a synchronous technical infrastructure to form a concentrated production, trade and service area according to the wood industry value chain model. Next to the industrial factory is an adjacent 71-hectare social housing area providing housing and utility services including schools, healthcare, sports and entertainment, serving experts and workers. …

Carefully study the proposals

One of the problems the Vietnam's wood industry is facing is that although the number of businesses and export value is large, it is still insignificant. The reason is that most businesses and production facilities are on a small scale, their cooperation and association with each other is not enough and they lack autonomy in designing and manufacturing, mainly being outsourced by international partners. However, for Dong Nai province, according to Chairman of the Vietnam Timber & Forest Products Association Do Xuan Lap, this is the province with the largest domestic timber production scale in the country, and at the same time, it is the only province with a concentrated wood trading market to date. Therefore, continuing to improve the competitiveness of the industry is very necessary.

Similarly, Mr. Mai Huu Tin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Truong Thanh Furniture Industries Corp., JSC, one of Vietnam's leading enterprises in wood production, shared that Dong Nai province has the elements to attract human resources, technology and premises to restructure and reorganize the wood industry not only in the province but also in the whole country. Therefore, the collaboration of businesses to build large, concentrated production zones is the first step that the industry is trying to take.

According to Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Hong Linh, in terms of policy, the province encourages investment in building ecologically oriented and modern wood industry zones and clusters to relocate production facilities located in current residential areas. The Provincial Party Secretary affirmed that Dong Nai province is changing its development model, only attracting industries and production projects with high technology and high production value on a small area. Currently, the province is also rearranging the wood industry, so it is forced to transform and reorganize in a modern direction, creating new values to promote Dong Nai's development.

Similarly, Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thi Hoang also asked investors to carefully study the province's policies and related issues such as land and planning to be able to come up with a reasonable plan. The province and related departments, sectors and localities are ready to work and collaborate with businesses to implement the next contents specifically. ​

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