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Increasing regional and national connectivity

In 2023, a series of key national transportation projects are still urgently being implemented in Dong Nai or passing through Dong Nai such as: Long Thanh International Airport, highways: Phan Thiet - Dau Giay, Ben Luc - Long Thanh, ring road 3 - Ho Chi Minh City. Along with that, the highways Bien Hoa - Vung Tau, Dau Giay - Lien Khuong ... are also big projects across Dong Nai will be started construction in 2023.


Remove the divider on 30-4 street to make street more open in Bien Hoa

These are particularly important projects not only for Dong Nai but also to help to connect traffic with the southern region and the whole country. Dong Nai people are very excited about a series of projects to be implemented in 2023, promising traffic through Dong Nai will be more convenient, creating conditions for the socio-economic development in the province.

Contributing to socio-economic development

In this regard, Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Dang Minh Duc said that the exploited expressways will be a lever for Dong Nai's economic development. According to him, in 2023, Dong Nai did and will implement a series of key traffic projects. With a series of large traffic projects being implemented, coming here, Dong Nai will need a lot of resources and have to make lots of efforts in site clearance and stabilizing people's lives. In addition to the efforts of all levels, sectors, each people need to join hands and unite for the common development of the province, support the government in site clearance, and ensure the works implemented on schedule.

In the general development of the whole province, Bien Hoa City is a locality implementing many projects. Chairman of the People's Committee of Bien Hoa City Do Khoi Nguyen said that Bien Hoa City was implementing many projects since 2019, so far many projects have been formed and being completed on schedule. The Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee have paid great attention to the development of the city, shown by prioritizing the allocation of huge capital resource.​

Particularly for the project of the central road connecting traffic from Thong Nhat bridge (just started construction) to An Hao bridge to Vung Tau crossroad, there will be selected areas to build works for urban economy development. When the city developed, the economic, spiritual and social lives of the people will be improved.

Removing traffic jam points

Today, when the trend of economic connection among regions in the country, transport infrastructure plays a particularly important role in the development of localities. Convenient transportation not only helps to facilitate travel and trade of goods among localities in the region, but also creates transport corridors, creates competitive advantages among localities in attracting international private investment.

Seeing the importance of investment in transport infrastructure for the economic development of the key economic provinces and cities in the South, including Dong Nai, over the past time, the Government, central ministries and sectors and Dong Nai province's leaders have paid special attention to the development of transport infrastructure, considering this a central issue with the requirement to ensure the connection of Dong Nai with major economic centers of the country through the road transport system.

Looking at a series of key national transport projects implemented in Dong Nai and passing through Dong Nai such as: Long Thanh International Airport, Phan Thiet - Dau Giay, Ben Luc - Long Thanh highways, ring road 3 - Ho Chi Minh City, highways of Bien Hoa - Vung Tau, Dau Giay - Lien Khuong did, being and will be deployed that will be seen the speed of investment and construction of large-scale transport infrastructure projects that the importance of regional, national and international connections has been paid much attention to by central and local leaders.

Right in the center of Bien Hoa urban center, from 2019, dozens of projects related to transportation infrastructure, in which the development of riverside road projects promises to bring a huge change to the face of the city in the future. The rapid development of transport infrastructure is "one step ahead" in economic development thinking of Dong Nai when it is aware of the urgent requirements of reality. That both removing traffic congestion points, and creating conditions for a quick breakthrough in the process of building synchronous infrastructure of the province as well as the connection with localities throughout the country.

The foresight, the determination to give priority to the investment of capital for the construction of transport infrastructure is a breakthrough "step" of the central and local leaders. Because when the transport infrastructure is synchronous and modern, a reasonable, economical, efficient and professional transport structure will be created, which will create "lever" and create a very big competitive advantage development in all aspects, contributing to the successful implementation of the goal of striving to turn Dong Nai into a modern industrial province in the coming time.

To achieve this goal soon, Dong Nai is in need of support from the central and local governments and the cooperation and contribution of each Dong Nai people in the development of the province.​​

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