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Excellent farmers

Mr. Tran Quang, Director of Xuan Tien Agricultural Service Trading Cooperative, Xuan Phu Commune (Xuan Loc District) voted as the excellent Vietnamese farmer in 2022. Having this title is a journey of more than 30 years of working with the fields, being a pioneer in establishing a cooperative, bringing machines to the fields, working on large field projects to grow clean rice and corns...


Mr. Tran Quang, Director of Xuan Tien Agricultural Service - Trade Cooperative introduces ST specialty rice product grown in the organic direction, bringing high economic value.

This farmer is also the one building the specialty of Dong Nai's organic rice which is favored by both domestic and export markets, bringing high profits for himself and his members

A dynamic cooperative director

Old farmer Tran Quang comes from a poor farming family in Quang Ngai province. More than 30 years ago, he and his family moved to the South to settle down. At first, the family's economy was very difficult because their income depended on a few acres of rice land. Then he applied for a job and learned a job at a local factory investing in machinery for threshing services. Accumulating a little capital plus extra borrowed money, he bought the first thresher machine using to both harvest his family's rice field and local threshing services. Gradually, he invested more plow machines, harvesters... specializing in agricultural services to increase his income. Being a farmer loving land, so when accumulated any money, he bought land again, so his family now has about 10 hectares of productive land.

He was also the originator of the high-yield club and then established Xuan Tien agricultural trade and service cooperative since 2014 with the desire to link farmers to buy and sell together to reduce input costs; the output has a large volume so as not to fall into the situation of traders forcing prices.

Xuan Tien Agricultural Service - Trade Cooperative is also a pioneer in the project of large fields of rice and corns; link cooperative members to contribute capital to invest in modern machinery instead of human labor. Mr. Tran Quang compares: "We invested in a harvesting machine that produces corn kernels right in the field, the stage of harvesting 1 hectare of corns reduces labor costs by nearly one million dong compared to the traditional method. With rice as well, all stages of harvesting and packaging replaced by machines. Farmers only need to stand on the shore waiting for traders to come and sell rice and collect money, not running around and hiring labors as before.

Up to now, the mechanization rate of the cooperative has reached nearly 100%. Thanks to building a good chain of links in the direction of large-scale production, the cooperative's corn product is consumed by businesses with good and stable price. The cooperative also cooperates with businesses growing corns for trees, the short planting time can be increased to 4 corn crops per year for higher profits. In addition, the cooperative also has many supporting activities for local members and farmers such as: providing agricultural materials and services, assisting cooperative members to access preferential capital.​


The agricultural supply store of Xuan Tien Agricultural Service - Trade Cooperative provides materials at good price for its members

Getting rich from specialty rice

Agricultural production faces many risks, especially a series of difficulties due to the adverse effects of the weather, the price of input materials is constantly escalating while the output market is volatile. Rice farmers are even more at risk and struggling because profits from rice, which are already low, are shrinking because of these difficulties. Therefore, when he learned about the delicious rice variety ST24 of Dr. Ho Quang Cua, he went back to Soc Trang to learn from experiences and then bought specialty rice varieties for pilot planting. When he saw this specialty rice grown well in Dong Nai, giving high yield and good quality, he again encouraged the cooperative members to change to special rice varieties for high profits.

According to Mr. Tran Quang, currently local rice farmers are converting from common rice varieties to specialty rice varieties such as ST24, ST25. These are all specialty varieties that are popular in the market, so they can be sold at high price. This model not only helped Mr. Quang to become a billionaire farmer, but the profits of the cooperative members also increased significantly compared to before.

In order to build a specialty rice production area according to organic standards, the cooperative has signed a contract to associate production and consumption with farmers on the basis of an agreement to share benefits among the parties. The cooperative is the connection to organize training and transfer science and technology to people; control the care process… The cooperative also mobilizes capital to invest in rice drying system, grinding machine, and rice processing machine to produce organic rice products to supply to the market.

According to Mr. Quang: “The organic rice product of the cooperative give good quality rice, soft and fragrant rice grains, so they are popular with customers. Clean rice product of the cooperative is currently supplied to many provinces and cities across the country, focused on the big market is Ho Chi Minh City. The cooperative is also very interested in investing in making packaging, trademark, registering to participate in the OCOP program to build brand for the product to not only meet the domestic market but also export.​

Xuan Tien Agricultural Service - Trade Cooperative currently has 10 members contributing capital and 95 members participating in production association with a total area of 150 hectares. In addition, the cooperative also cooperates with farmers in many other localities such as Dinh Quan, Cam My, Long Khanh ... to expand the area of specialty rice varieties in the direction of organic.
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