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Dong Nai strives to have 2 newly upgraded rural districts by 2023

In 2023, Dong Nai continues to set high goals in new rural construction; strives to have 9 more communes meet the standards of advanced rural areas, 6 communes to meet the standards of model rural areas and especially 2 districts of advanced rural areas are Xuan Loc and Dinh Quan districts.


High-tech application model of growing clean vegetables and fruits in greenhouses in Xuan Loc district

Currently, the above two localities are sprinting to complete the remaining criteria. If the target is achieved, these will be the first enhanced rural areas in the country.

Hard mission

In order to achieve the enhanced rural district according to the national set of criteria for the advanced rural district in the period 2021 - 2025 issued in 2022, Xuan Loc and Dinh Quan districts need to complete many difficult conditions such as: being a district meeting the new rural standards, fully meeting the standards required by the set of national criteria for new rural districts in the period 2021-2025; at least 50% of communes in the area meet advanced rural development standards; achieve the criteria of the newly-advanced rural district in the period 2021-2025 with 38 targets…

According to the report of the Provincial Coordination Office of the National Target Program on building new rural areas, up to now, Xuan Loc district has basically achieved 32 targets of new rural district, and 3 targets are being implemented including: 100% target rate of district road kilometres asphalted or concreted, with necessary items for traffic safety according to regulations being planted with trees, maintained annually, ensuring bright - green - clean - beautiful; the target of 95% or more people participating in health insurance; 70% or more percentage of households implementing waste composting at source.

Dinh Quan district basically achieved 25 newly improved rural district targets; 13 targets are still being completed, including: percentage of district road kilometres asphalted or concreted; irrigation works managed by the district are maintained, upgraded, ensuring database system integration under digital transformation; percentage of people participating in health insurance; having parks or squares installed with sports equipments; 100% of the high schools meet the national standard level 1 and having at least 1 school meets the national standard level 2...

In addition, the above two localities also have to upgrade and complete a number of criterias and targets of newly enhanced rural communes and new rural districts set out in the new period 2021-2025. Mr. Le Van Goi, Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development commented that the set of criterias for new rural areas, enhanced new rural and model areas for the period 2021-2025 sets many criterias and requirements that are much higher than those of the previous period. In which, a number of criteria such as investment in rural infrastructure, the percentage of households using clean water from the centralized system... are all targets that are not easy to achieve because they need large investment capital as well as time for performance.


The model of organic pig raising at Thanh Son commune, Dinh Quan district brings high efficiency

Efforts to the destination

Although the tasks set for Dinh Quan and Xuan Loc districts are quite heavy and difficult, the two localities above are determined to reach the destination of the newly improved rural district in 2023, earlier than the original plan.

Chairwoman of Xuan Loc district People's Committee Nguyen Thi Cat Tien affirms that Xuan Loc is trying to overcome obstacles and difficulties to reach the finish line of the newly-advanced rural district in 2023. Sustainable production development is a trans- throughout the process of building a new local countryside. In which, scaling up the safe production area; safe livestock farms are always focused on implementation. Especially, up to now, the whole district has built 14 chain links from production to consumption; there are 21 OCOP certified products. To meet the export market, the whole district has built 19 planting area codes with more than 3.5 thousand hectares. The locality is continuing to expand the planting areas so that agricultural products can better participate in the export market and have more sustainable output.

Compared to Xuan Loc district, Dinh Quan district faces more difficulties because there are more criterias to be completed in the coming time. However, the locality still shows its determination to reach the destination of the newly enhanced rural district in 2023. Mr. Tran Nam Bien, Chairman of the People's Committee of Dinh Quan district says that: in the goal of achieving the newly improved rural district, the locality must not only focus on implementing the newly enhanced rural district criterias, but also review and upgrade the criterias for the new rural district in the period 2021-2025. Through the review, the task of the locality is very heavy, but the district still determines to do it to reach the finish line of the newly-advanced rural district in 2023.

Mr. Bien also emphasizes that the district also focuses on agricultural production development, especially important contents such as: scaling up the area of key crops being granted planting area codes for export; organic agriculture, high-tech agriculture development; building production linkage chains… Up to now, the district is piloting the model of farmers linking with organic pig breeding enterprises; built 4 linkage chains about plants; having 3 high-tech agricultural models; having 19 OCOP certified products…​

Regarding the newly improved rural district criterias and targets of Dinh Quan and Xuan Loc districts, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Vo Van Phi requests relevant departments and agencies to coordinate with localities to timely guide and remove for the two districts to achieve the set target in 2023.
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