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Enterprises increase investment in human resource quality

The rapid economic development creates opportunities for Vietnam to participate more and more deeply in the international playing field. Along with the transformation of production model according to high technology, it requires enterprises to invest in many aspects, from production technology to human factors.


Along with technological innovation, the quality of human resources is also a central issue for small and medium enterprises.

In order to meet the fair and transparent competition, the economy in general and enterprises in particular are also taking steps to innovate and upgrade their capacity, in which, quality of human resources is considered very important.
Necessary requirement
In the process of integration, human resources of enterprises also have many weaknesses, especially in terms of qualifications, capacity and creativity and independence. That is because for a long time, most Vietnamese enterprises when building development strategies for the future, most of them only prepare about market factors, customers, building facilities, etc. proportionately to the human factor.

Currently, businesses are accelerating the transformation of development models in depth, from saving labor costs to reduce costs to investing in quality human resources to have a more competitive advantage. Along with technological innovation, well-trained human resources, especially those who undertake highly specialized jobs, are a problem of enterprises. For example, the Dong Nai Wood and Handicraft Association (Dowa) has also signed a cooperation agreement with the Forestry University of Dong Nai in training, scientific research and technology transfer.
In the field of Logistics services, Mr. Dao Trong Khoa, Vice Chairman of ASEAN Freight Forwarding Federation (AFFA), Standing Vice Chairman of Vietnam Association of Logistics Service Enterprises, said that it is necessary to focus on training the elite force to effectively support the business model transformation. Accordingly, it is necessary to select a group of elites from enterprises, schools and institutes to train and equip them with new knowledge and tools. This human force will be a very important factor for the development, capable of consulting, designing and providing solutions for businesses in the process of doing business.
Businesses look forward to supporting
For enterprises, investing in human resources is a vital factor, Mr. Nguyen Hoa An, Director of An Phat Industrial Technology Co., Ltd (Bien Hoa City) said that in addition to the lack of high-quality labor, the Discipline towards workers is generally low. To train a skilled worker is not easy, but often faces the attraction of labor from other enterprises, especially foreign-invested enterprises.
“We not only compete by products but also by the quality of personnel. Most businesses come from workers, in the early stages develop very well, very successfully, but at a certain stage of development, the management level, production management skills of the owner as well as his associates are limited. making enterprises "can't grow up". Having a human resource strategy to be on the right track from the very beginning is a sustainable solution," said Mr. An.
Similarly, according to Mr. Nguyen Van Tan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tan Seiko Co., Ltd (Bien Hoa City), for many years, this enterprise has focused on human resource training, especially when applying production technology from Japan for supporting industrial products, requiring skilled labor. The staff is well-trained at home and abroad, so the whole factory from working style to the layout of machines and factories is Japanese style. Acquiring world knowledge and then applying it to develop their country is the path that successful businesses and countries have gone through.
“In the process of renovating the development model, improving productivity and quality, businesses want more support from the State. Such as the formulation of development strategies for production of each product line, trade connection, investment... Human resources can be trained, know-how, technology will be learned, but other big problems we find difficult to answer. If you go alone, "- Mr. Nguyen Van Tan shared.


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