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Start-up with providing smart home services

​Smart homes are integrated to connect household electrical appliances and services, allowing homeowners to control, monitor or access them remotely. Living in smart, comfortable homes is increasingly a priority, especially for young people.


Mr. Nguyen Hoai Anh (left) introduces products designed to create a "smart home" for customers to visit

In Bien Hoa, grasping the needs of the market, Mr. Nguyen Hoai Anh established Atekco Co., Ltd. This startup is supplying smart devices and designing and installing smart homes in Dong Nai and neighboring localities.

Catch the new trend

As technology is increasingly developing, smart homes have also gradually become more popular and brought many benefits to users in recent years. The development of smart home is still forecasted as an inevitable trend in the future. A smart home is understood as a house with internet-connected devices that can be monitored and controlled automatically through a sensor system, smartphone or virtual assistant. Smart home devices are quite diverse from wifi cameras, lights, motion sensors, entertainment devices...

According to Statista's research, the smart home market revenue in the world is estimated at about 126 billion USD by 2022. In Vietnam, smart home market revenue in 2022 is 240 million USD, more than 8 times higher than that of the smart home market. with 2017. It is forecasted that by 2026, the smart home market will nearly double compared to 2022. This is an inevitable trend in the 4.0 era, helping people enjoy the comfortable life brought by technology.

Before starting his business, Mr. Nguyen Hoai Anh experienced many different jobs from production management, engineering to construction. During that process, realizing that people's lives have improved, the enjoyment and use of high-class services and products are increasing, especially in terms of accommodation, so he and his partner have chosen the direction of development. development is the design and provision of smart home services. “We want to provide high-class services, catch up with market trends, help customers enjoy the value that technology brings," Mr. Hoai Anh shared.

As a customer using products and services provided by Atekco, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hieu (Bien Hoa City) said that she is very busy with her business in the field of packaging, so when installing smart devices helped her to enjoy outstanding facilities. Convenient in that, when going out, she can still check and monitor in her home just through a phone with an internet connection. At the same time, the integration of smart elements helps users to be able to stay in one place and also control different systems and devices.

Improve service quality to attract market demand

One of the difficulties in this field is that the popularity and demand of the market is not really high, this is just a trend in construction. According to Mr. Nguyen Hoai Anh, for civil housing construction projects, many homeowners do not have close economic accounting, making the project often capital. Meanwhile, the installation of products and services to make the house a smart home is usually in the final stage. "Devices to integrate and create a smart home must be completed after the main items such as construction and installation of the system are about to be completed, then, if there is still "abundance", the homeowner can invest more", Mr. Hoai Anh shared.

To overcome this problem, Atekco company has made efforts to link and coordinate with businesses and construction contractors in the area. Accordingly, right from the initial design stage, project investors have been consulted about the utility of smart homes, thereby planning costs in a reasonable way. Besides, the quality of service provided is what Mr. Hoai Anh puts on top to create his competition. “Our goal is to continue to expand our customer base, targeting young people and families with financial conditions in urban areas. This requires businesses besides the construction and installation of products, after-sales issues are very important.

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