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Decree 35 on management of industrial zones: Removing obstacles for smooth implementation

Decree No. 35/2022/ND-CP dated May 28, 2022 of the Government on the management of industrial parks and economic zones is considered a breakthrough in terms of mechanisms, policies, opening development of industrial zones and economic zones. However, in the process of implementation, in localities, difficulties and obstacles cannot be avoided.


The development of housing and public works for employees is one of the concerns of industrial park management according to Decree 35 (Illustration image).

Recently, Dong Nai Provincial People's Committee has coordinated with the Ministry of Planning and Investment to organize a conference to disseminate the content of this decree and answer questions for agencies and businesses.
Many new points
Decree 35/2022/ND-CP stipulating the management of industrial zones and economic zones issued on August 28, 2022 is an important policy in orienting the development of Vietnam's industrial park infrastructure in the coming period. In particular, policies related to supporting the development of specialized models such as supporting industrial parks, specialized industrial zones, ecological industrial zones, high-tech industrial parks, etc.

According to Mr. Tran Quoc Trung, Deputy Director of the Department of Management of Economic Zones (Ministry of Planning and Investment), Decree 35 has more detailed regulations on considering and approving investment policies for construction investment projects. and trade in industrial park infrastructure; regulations on policies to remove difficulties and promote the development of industrial zones and economic zones; added some contents related to IPs and new industrial park models…

 In addition, the Decree also amends and supplements a number of regulations related to infrastructure investment, including regulations on zoning investment in industrial zones, abolishing the procedures for establishing industrial zones, simplifying regulations on regulations on investment in industrial zones. conditions, order and procedures for infrastructure investment, industrial park establishment and industrial park expansion...

 Besides, in this revision, the breakthrough is that employees are interested in housing and service and utility works in the industrial park. In particular, in order to be considered and approved for investment policy, the industrial park infrastructure project must have a planning to build housing areas and public service and utility works for employees. In addition, one of the conditions for considering the expansion of the industrial park is to have built and put into use residential areas and public service and utility facilities for workers.

 Removing obstacles to apply better management
Although they have been effective and created expectations, in reality, the implementation of these regulations still has obstacles. For example, there are still no specific instructions on the appraisal and approval of documents for local adjustment of the zoning planning for construction of industrial zones, only stating that the Industrial Zones Authority is authorized by the Provincial People's Committee to decide. Therefore, it is recommended that the Ministry of Planning and Investment provide guidance on specific regulations authorizing the Industrial Zones Authority to appraise and approve documents for local adjustment of the zoning planning for the construction of industrial zones.

The investment in expanding industrial park infrastructure is also difficult because the IPs were approved for planning before Decree 35, there is no land plan for workers' houses and the land fund here has been filled. According to regulations, if expanding, it must meet public works and utilities. However, these IPs do not have the area for construction planning, so the expansion of the IP will not be eligible, but there are still no specific instructions.

Some businesses also face difficulties in the accommodation of workers, especially foreign experts. There are enterprises that build accommodation for foreigners, separate from the company's production area. However, according to the provisions of Decree 35, experts have to move out to the dormitory area of the industrial park. Enterprises believe that this will create difficulties, both adding costs and wasting the accommodation that they have built.

 According to Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thi Hoang, the development of industrial zones is one of the important tasks of the locality in the coming time to promote socio-economic development. Dong Nai will continue to direct relevant agencies to closely coordinate with ministries, central agencies and businesses to promptly remove difficulties and obstacles...

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