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Unique honey of the sweet fruit regions of Long Khanh

With the largest area of fruit trees in the country, the honey beekeeping industry is quite developed in Dong Nai. In particular, Long Khanh City has many delicious fruit specialties, which are the address for providing honey and other specialties processed with honey that are known by consumers near and far.


Ms. Le Thi Thanh Thuy, owner of Trung Nguyen honey establishment, introduces the specialty of honey soaked in papaya flowers.
In which, many companies and honey establishments in Long Khanh City process many unique and strange products from honey to supply to the market.

Diversity of products

Honey has many types, but Long Khanh City has rambutan flower honey that attracts consumers because of its own impressive flavor. Every season when the flowers bloom, the beekeeper puts the bee box in the rambutan garden for the bees to work hard to make honey. Rambutan flower honey has a deep amber color, the characteristic sweet aroma of rambutan flowers with a very different attractive and attractive flavor.

Minh Dao honey facility in Hang Gon commune, Long Khanh city is known by locals for its variety of health care honey products such as: honey peach lemon, honey mulberry, honey ginger, garlic honey ... Ms. Nguyen Thi Dao, owner of Minh Dao honey establishment shared, she and her husband are farmers who raise bees for honey. At first, honey made was sold to traders. Local people know that her family is a beekeeper, so they often stop by to buy honey for their own use or as a gift. From this need of the people, Ms. Dao and her husband thought of establishing a Minh Dao honey factory, investing in brands and packaging for retail customers to identify.

In order to diversify honey products to serve customers, Ms. Dao tinkers with making more delicious dishes from honey such as: honey soaked in lemon peach, turmeric honey, honey soaked in garlic, honey soaked in ginger, honey mulberry… 

Trung Nguyen honey facility in Xuan Tan Ward, Long Khanh City is known by consumers everywhere because of its variety of bee products for customers to choose from such as: wine soaked with royal jelly larvae, pollen, royal jelly, types of farmed honey, wild honey, and the most unique one is Ru honey.

Ms. Le Thi Thanh Thuy, owner of Trung Nguyen honey establishment happily shared, since her parents-in-law has been attached to honey beekeeping. Then this profession was followed by a few brothers in the husband's family. Particularly, Trung Nguyen honey facility of her and her husband has more than 30 years of experience in honey beekeeping. At first, honey from farming facilities was sold through traders to provide export companies. Gradually, the couple just established a company and directly exported honey to other countries.

In the domestic market, Trung Nguyen honey establishment has built a display shop in Tan Xuan ward, Long Khanh city, constantly diversifying products, taking care to invest in brands, packaging designs, gradually affirming the delicious honey brand with domestic consumers.

A variety of honey specialties, including rambutan flower honey, a special specialty of the Long Khanh sweet fruit region, will be introduced to consumers at Dong Nai Fruit Week in 2022.

Unmatched specialties

About the land of Long Khanh, consumers are also impressed because they have the opportunity to collect precious remedies made from honey.

Opening the jar of Ru honey for customers to try, Ms. Le Thi Thanh Thuy, owner of Trung Nguyen honey establishment shared, howling honey has a sweet and slightly sour taste, the seller keeps the whole beehive including beeswax, beeswax, and bee pupa in a jar of honey sold to customers. Because the products created by this bee species, from beeswax to honey, are very precious and have many medicinal and cosmetic effects.

Rumble bee is a type of bee in nature, depending on the locality, the name of this bee is called in different ways such as: bee, bee Du, bee Lo .... The size of howler bees are also smaller than other bees. An interesting feature is that unlike other honey bees that nest in trees, this wild bee often nests underground, in tree trunks or in old termite burrows. Hunting for howler honey is very difficult and not always found, which is also the reason why this honey becomes a rare commodity with high price. According to Ms. Le Thi Thanh Thuy, owner of Trung Nguyen honey establishment: "Ru honey is a rare wild honey, customers are willing to pay millions of dong/1 liter but can't always buy it. Not only domestic consumers look to buy but many Taiwanese and Chinese customers also hunt for this precious honey."

Introducing more honey soaked male papaya flowers, Ms. Thuy said: "This is a very good folk remedy for cough. In the past, I often made it for home use, saw the effect was very good, and then thought about making products for more people to use. The papaya flower my family also grows on the hill, the source of honey is also raised by my family, so the quality is guaranteed.

Talking about the birth of a specialty made from honey, Ms. Nguyen Thi Dao, owner of Minh Dao honey establishment, said that mulberry fruit has many good effects on human health such as: improving human health. Digestive system, lower cholesterol, good for the heart, strengthen the immune system, reduce the risk of cancer... Since then, Ms. Dao has experimented with making this healthy drink for users. Each delicious honey dish is a meticulous handcrafted process. Specifically, the honey mulberry dish, Ms. Dao must order from the gardener the ripe and fresh mulberries. Before processing, she must carefully remove the crushed and damaged fruits, then wash them, air-dry to drain all the water, and then take away the mulberry slugs with a little rock sugar. The process of slug must be very skillful so that the ripe fruit is not crushed. When this mixture cools down, she pours in the honey to soak.


Honey beekeeping is one of the long-established professions in the province. This is a production model that brings high economic efficiency with honey products that are not only sold well in the domestic market, but Dong Nai has many enterprises exporting honey to many countries, including fastidious markets.
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