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Press agencies accompany businesses

The whole country as well as Dong Nai has just gone through the most difficult years in all aspects of socio-economic development. The Covid-19 pandemic along with uncertainties in the world has had a profound impact on the business community. Many problems posed from disease prevention and control to production recovery, supply chain shortages, etc. were posed. During those difficult times, Dong Nai press agencies have also made efforts together with the government to accompany and support the business community to overcome difficulties and continue to develop.

​​​Dong Nai Newspaper reporter surveyed a business during the complicated development of the epidemic

Accompanying and sharing

Over the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has been like a battle, a "tsunami" sweeping the entire world. In Vietnam, the pandemic has also seriously affected all socio-economic aspects, posing great challenges both in epidemic prevention and control and in efforts to recover and develop the economy.


As one of the key production and export industries of Dong Nai, the province's wood industry has more than 100,000 direct and indirect employees. Mr. Le Xuan Quan, Chairman of the Dong Nai Wood and Handicraft Association (Dowa) said that the impact of the epidemic has led to many difficult and complicated problems for businesses in general and wood production in particular during this long periods of stress. Recalling that time, to ensure safety, Dowa as well as the Vietnam Timber and Forest Products Association soon proactively proposed central and local agencies, departments and sectors to arrange the supply of Covid-19 vaccine to inject workers but also very difficult. Dowa has also campaigned and called on hundreds of businesses belonging to the association to be willing to spend money on buying vaccines to vaccinate all employees working in their businesses.


During this difficult period, we greatly appreciate the contributions of the press and the media in supporting businesses. Dong Nai newspapers and radio have published articles about our difficulties and aspirations, especially the need to soon be provided with a vaccine for relevant agencies to know and support. Since then, businesses in general are promoted more in the process of protecting the health of workers "- Mr. Le Xuan Quan said.


Similarly, with more than 600 members and businesses, Dong Nai Young Entrepreneurs Association is present in all localities in the province. Mr. Le Bach Long, Chairman of Dong Nai Young Entrepreneurs Association said that he will continue to promote the development of the Association with specific and practical action programs, contributing to the overall development of the province. Young businesses and entrepreneurs always look forward to the companionship of the media in their development.


Promote the brand building

Not only in difficulties but also in other stages of development, local newspapers always have programs to accompany businesses. For example, for Dong Nai Radio and Television Station, the industrial promotion program has contributed to promoting the development of local businesses and industrial establishments. Similarly, the specific pages of Vietnamese People - Vietnamese Goods, Startup, Integration and Development, etc. of Dong Nai Newspaper. There are establishments and units that were very small in the early days, but now have developed into large enterprises, products have been exported, the profits have been many times higher.


Many enterprises owners in the early years were still embarrassed and lacked confidence when being interviewed and speaking in front of reporters, but now they are much more confident. The management of their facilities and businesses is also becoming more and more methodical. Dong Nai Press is also one of the important channels connecting local industries and industrial products of Dong Nai with many other provinces and cities in the country.

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