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Opportunities to cooperate with FDI enterprises are open

It is not easy for Vietnamese companies to participate in the world supply chain, so it needs efforts from businesses and the support of policies.

However, when participating in the common playground, Vietnamese goods are introduced more and more to the market, the world's large enterprises and corporations will also come to link and cooperate.

Dong Nai-Japan enterprises seek business opportunities

Huge demand from foreign partners

Mr. Mizushima Kozo, Chairman of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Ho Chi Minh City (JCCH) said that the association currently has 1,038 member enterprises, divided into 13 groups based on industries and production and business locations in which, Dong Nai group has 130 members.


“Since 2011, when I took the position of Chairman, I proposed the slogan “More for Vietnam” for the association's activities. The reason I came up with this slogan is because I believe that the cohesion, sharing and cooperation between the two sides is very important. 2023 is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan. I highly expect that the relationship between the government of Dong Nai Province, departments as well as the business community of Vietnam - Japan will be raised to a new level. The development of enterprises will contribute more to the development of the province "- Mr. Mizushima Kozo added.


Dong Nai has many Industrial Zones, including one developed by Japanese investors. The construction of Long Thanh International Airport is being accelerated, making the province always an attractive investment destination for Japanese enterprises.


Similarly, Mr. Wu Ming Ying, Chairman of The Council of Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Dong Nai said: “The association can combine trade agencies to jointly organize trade connection programs with business associations of countries in Vietnam. From there, creating opportunities to promote trade for mutual development, bringing available items and goods of Dong Nai enterprises to other enterprises, including the exchange of human resources, techniques, and manufactured products.


Recently, Mr. Chua Song Fong, Chairman of Malaysia Wood Export Association also visited and worked with Tan Vinh Cuu Joint Stock Company, Bien Hoa City, a large wood material supplier of Dong Nai to seek opportunities to cooperate and invest in the wood industry.


According to Mr. Vo Quang Ha, Vice Chairman of Dong Nai Wood and Handicraft Association, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tan Vinh Cuu Joint Stock Company, Dong Nai has great potential for the development of the Wood industry with more than 1,000 manufacturing businesses. Foreign wood enterprises are also present in Dong Nai and have business and cooperation relationships with enterprises of the province. In the future, Dong Nai is striving to become a center of high quality wood production and processing of the whole country and expand cooperation and trade with enterprises of countries in the region.


Support trade and association

To support the business community, Dong Nai has coordinated to promote cooperation between foreign-invested enterprises in the area to connect with local supporting industry enterprises. One of the positive examples in the past time is the activities of the Coordinating Group to promote the development of supporting industries in Dong Nai, under Dong Nai Industrial Zones Authority. This is an organization established by the province to connect supply - demand between Japanese enterprises investing in Vietnam and enterprises with domestic investment capital.


Participating in this program since 2019, Mr. Tran Quy, Director of Nhat Nam Mechanical Co., Ltd, Bien Hoa City said: “Accessing to the industrial coordinator group is the right direction of enterprises. Through that, Nhat Nam has more information and introduces its production potential. Along with the efforts to find customers, the company also participates in other exchange and connection programs with business associations: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc. organized by the local to expand customers. This helps businesses expand supply links for domestic and export markets.

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