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Old City of Bien Hoa

Old City of Bien Hoa

Citadel is located on Phan Chu Trinh Quang Vinh Ward , Bien Hoa City .

Citadel is humble , hidden behind gates and Relics Management Committee of Dong Nai wins list . Traces left is a round into the laterite building , inside that house French architectural style . Citadel there, like an old man dying breath , life is mulling over the centuries .
According to ancient documents , from the 14-15 century , the Greek population by building earthen Man called " Old City " . Nguyen Dynasty , the platform is built on the Old City , has expanded , with the name of Bien Hoa . According to the authors write in Luong Luu Bien Hoa Van brief history , the " City constructed Gia Long in the 15th year (ie 1816 ) in the village district Lan ( Lan Tan Village ) Phuoc Chanh district , Bien Hoa province and the name known as the " Old city " by the Greek people build earthen Man . 338 perimeter length of a rod , 8 feet 5 inches tall , thick 1 school. Hao rod around 4 wide , 6 feet deep . Thanh has 4 doors and a period station ( the main hall ) . northern Each gateway has a proud stone bridge across the entrance to the circulation of the " . Built into bow , the 18th year of Minh Mang (ie 1837 ) , the Old City was rebuilt laterite and renamed Thanh Bien Hoa .

When the French occupied the southern provinces , Thanh Bien Hoa became a defense , counter-attack the enemy 's army Nguyen Dynasty . January 12-1861 , Bien Hoa City in the hands of the French . During the occupation, the French army conducted rebuild , the longer perimeter compact 1/8 compared to previous and known as the " spirit rock " , transcribed from French Soldat - meaning " Holy " . Backfilled trench east is the street construction and some barracks , villas , hospitals ... in the inner city for senior officers and troops in France . Soldiers often use the morning alarm horn , sound echoes an area known to locals as The Trumpeter .
The material of the study authors and abroad have said , Bien Hoa City has a very important position on many fronts . This is the only ancient city in Dong Nai surviving on Southern soil . It was noted many historical events in the typical land clearing is under Nguyen Lords , as well as stage against France and later the United States .​​

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