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Binh Truoc synagogue

Binh Truoc synagogue​


Binh Truoc synagogue is an institution of village associations gathered in the period before 1945 in Binh Truoc, Phuoc Vinh Thuong, Chau Thanh District (now Thanh Binh Ward , Bien Hoa city). This is the synagogue architectural built pretty solidly by the Chief of Bien Hoa province Bolen around 1936 with the great contribution of intellectual effort of the talented artisans the Bien Hoa Art Practice. This is a meeting place and social work of local officials.

Located on the main highway traffic of Bien Hoa city center, surrounded by modern construction projects, Binh Truoc synagogue attracted the attention of travelers by color, smooth contours of technology folk architecture.

The architecture of the monument is quite unique, built by artisans in construction of Bien Hoa ceramics. In overall monuments, the array of decorative art pottery, wood sculpture is highlighted. The relief ceramic with Vietnam traditional social topics is done meticulously, sharply. The array architecture represents the delicate wood, also to show the efficiency of energy use has increased the architectural beauty.

Not as temples, shrines but synagogue conveyed the uniqueness, deliver unique, stately of the temples  type of construction, with many characteristics of the Nguyen Dynasty architecture. Synagogue facade overlooking the east, facing Dong Nai Hospital, 100m from the April 30 - August Revolution intersection. The synagogue has an area of 187.50 m2, brick lining, including 10 roof (four main roofs, six sub-roofs) yin yang tile roofing tile glaze mixed Chinese-style. Roof systems ribbed decoration only pair of dragons meandering locusts, symbolizing happiness, peace and classical motifs Vietnam. Around the roof is decorated with shaped wooden money molds with aspirations lucrative, money. Two sides of door are stone unicorns prostrate postures elaborately carved.

In 1954, the two blocks parallel to the synagogue was built for security personnel and soldiers in the village .

This monument marks a significant historical events of the revolution in Bien Hoa. On September 23, 1945, the conference of Bien Hoa Provincial Party Committee officials decided to establish after winning government in August. Mr. Ha Huy Giap - Southern Party Committee representative attended the meeting.

This conference has set the guidelines and key tasks for the government to operate effectively in the early days of independence the country: Rushing to build and strengthen government at all levels, stabilize life of people; lobbying capitalists, former civil servants to participate in building a new life, free the political prisoners, release of some regular prisoners, abolition of unjust taxes, food stocks for resistance war against France, building armed forces, building resistance war zone ... This is one of the important events of Bien Hoa in the first period of independence and prepare for the resistance war against French invaders for second time.

This is one of the events marking the development of Bien Hoa Party. People across the province responded warmly guidelines set forth by the Party, wholeheartedly support the young revolutionary government overcome arduous, thorny, protecting achievements .

Binh Truoc synagogue ranked nationally historical monuments by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism according 2307/QD Decision, dated December 30, 1991

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