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Relics in Dong Nai - Part III

Relics of the period from the first century to the fifteenth century AD through archaeological findings in Dong Nai - Part III


Dong Nai river upstream ( including Dinh Quan and Tan Phu )


     Nam Cat Tien relics : Nam Cat Tien commune , Tan Phu district . This is an almost commune boundaries encompass a large valley in the highlands province of Dong Nai . Monuments of architecture brick type structure consists of 3 parts : The sound is a square brick foundation edge 6.50 m 1.50 m deep , middle squares , compacted sand , pebbles alternately in three layers , the top layer of clay pebbles plastic insert with 0.60 m thick . Positive part of the rock face is square edge brick architecture of 5.00 m , 2.50 m tall spilled south of bricks stacked 30 layers . Outside tiled floor is covered with clay mixed with rubble . Architectural elements situated on the eastern side relics from about 1.20 m . A background pebbles are placed close together insert has an area of 5.00 mx 4.00 m . Relics in ruins :


     Group exhibits smooth slate includes : Two panels and woven mi rectangular door with dimensions in the order of ( 1.30 m long , 0.30 m wide , 0.15 m thick ) ; ( long 1 , 35 m , width 0.55 m, 0.20 m thick ) . We are sharpening chisels and plane perpendicular . Particularly in the door panels mi long angled grooves with rounded holes . These are the constituent parts of the monument door system . Altar square -shaped cylinder on a narrow bottom width, height 0.42 m .

     Group objects large numbers underscore accounts , mainly used in construction . Especially, there are many kinds of stylish tiles , decorated tiles shaped like a slanted top beveled brick , tile trim round or have started buckling groove , embossed brick pattern stylized leaves .


    Lak relics : in the area of Cat Tien National Park , Tan Phu district . Monuments are built on the bedrock of a small hill adjacent to the Dong Nai river right bank of about 10 m . Architectural structure consists of 2 parts : The sound generation based on natural stone chiseled into the grave of the hill next to the church square of 2.35 m, 2.00 m deep . Vented build a deck between 1.00 m square edge brick , inside the compacted sand , powdered slate, arranged around the circular porous rocks Basalt . Positive part collapsed , but diggings can imagine an architectural brick edge around 4.50 square meters were built around the church and the graves of about 3.00 m high . On the slate surrounding monuments have many holes aligned parallel to each other , can pore columns for roof works or architecture . Relics in ruins :


    - Linga - Yoni : sandstone , fine-grained texture ; Yoni is a square block around creating high ledge into the water flowing trough groove at one side in the middle of the oval holes to plug Linga . Linga on large circular cylinder under small . Ministry Yoni - is kind of sacred Linga form of the gas are common in Hindu . Dating from the seventh century - VIII AD .


    - Tables ground: sandstone smooth , flat surface grinding rectangle attached to the base . Maybe this is the material used regimens church in ruins rather than for use .


    - Two Shirts : slate black , rectangular . Chipper Two holes and two long runs perforated edges lower door edges creates . One plate has grooves along the edges of two short way to the plate , a bottom plate to .


    - Two gold rings : being rolled into a circle of yellow rope , round 11.00 cm diameter , 0.1 cm diameter wire . This jewelry can be buried in the grave church .


    Architectural monuments of the Lak have constructed similar to the architecture Nam Cat Tien . Basically, the two traces of this architecture is characterized by a mixture of architectural brick , stone , form a kind of cell towers is common only in the post- Oc Eo in century VII - VIII AD . Relics Linga - Yoni relics found in the evidence that this part of the temple worship of Siva . The yellow metal sacred objects buried in the grave monument is quite common ritual in the structures according to Hindu tradition in the southern delta .


    In addition to the above location , at the Cat Tien forest section from the ranger station to Dak Rong Da Lua (opposite the ruins of Cat Tien - Lam Dong ) by the banks of the Dong Nai river about 1 km detecting tile floor flat . Husband foothills Dinh Quan Ba 1 km to the west , on the mound where many traces of brick architecture .​

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