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Relics in Dong Nai - Part II

Relics of the period from the first century to the fifteenth century AD through archaeological findings in Dong Nai - Part II

     Dong Nai river middle region ( including Thong Nhat district )


     I Monuments Cay Gao ( Gao Tree Commune , Vinh Cuu District ) , located on the left bank of Dong Nai river about 60 m . Monuments of this kind of architecture built in brick rectangle with a length East - West 17.5 m wide by 9.5 m . To the east is the main entrance has stairs , beneath the western embankment of 0.9 m brick into two interlocking squares , round hole in the middle filled plastic clay and rubble . The whole monument is covered with a mixture of clay , gravel , rubble surrounding higher ground . In some relics obtained crude pottery and traces of coal ash . Coal samples taken from the last vestiges of radioactive C14 dating results in 1700 ± 45 years ago ie in the third century AD .


    II relics Cay Gao Gao Tree monument is located approximately 30 m I the north . Architectural monuments built rectangular entrance to the east - west length of 11.6 m, width 3.7 m . Most structures built inside the collapsed ruins . On the brick walls left behind traces of holes equal in size to the corresponding position . Maybe this is the loss of an architectural column light up above the ruins . This type of architectural monuments combination of brick , wood . During the monument not detect artifacts related to religion . Around the monument there is a yard wide . Cay Gao II relic structure similar to the first monument in the form Cay Gao Hindu temple . Dating from the third century AD .


    Monuments are synchronized in low-lying plains of Phu Ly Commune , Vinh Cuu district . The architecture of the monument consists of brick and stone , may the plan is nearly square angling towards East 250 North , next to the East - West 4.00 m long , next to the north - south length of 5.00 m . Surrounded by a brick wall built in the style of four rows across two staff members along two guys see each other . Inside the ruins of the compacted clay layer beneath rubble and rocky quartz mixed with clay layers . In soil , quartz tiles have a large volume of 0.70 m diameter . Perhaps this stone is placed on the ground before quartz . On the surface there are two slabs of stone monuments : a square , a circle marked with grinding and chiseling . The artifacts collected from land owners monuments include : hand holding seashell stone statues , roller , 5 boulders and pottery torso . These objects have characteristics of Oc Eo culture - Oc Eo post . Particularly arm smooth sandstone statue only half a paragraph from the handle arm to the shell . Shape realistic arm . This type is usually found in Vishnu statues , statue art style round climate Oc Eo ; dating from the seventh century - VIII AD . Monuments kind synchronous architecture temples , stone and brick combination of Hinduism . Compared to the vicinity of the monument , dating back to the welcome monument in sync century VII - VIII AD .


    Bau Sen relic mound located on the middle of the valley has many water intercession , Vinh Tan commune , Vinh Cuu district . When excavations discovered a brick reservoir east - west , 3.00 m long with two , three tile overlap . Inside there are two funnel-shaped holes inserted around rocks , in the direction North - South 0.60 m apart . In the pit compacted gravel mixture , rubble , sand . On the surface locals relics discovered the lower part of a stone statue of Vishnu . Monuments smooth sandstone blocks standing there . The rest of the audience was under her hands : a belt across his hands and stick , one hand resting on racks to prevent . Wide belt wrapped back across the buttocks , knotted right into the fold . Two legs to stand on a pedestal pin plug , hand wound pad has three broken pillars . Interactive art Phnom style - leather , VII century - VIII AD . Chronology of dating phenomenon is also common for Bau Sen monument .


    Rach East Monuments way Bau Sen monument about 6 km north- west - south , of Ho Nai 4 , Unified districts . The site is located on a mound of rice fields between the left bank of the stream Rach East . Monuments shaped brick architecture , thick walls around . Due to the terrain surface disturbance , reclamation only remaining northern wall so hard to imagine the general dimensions . This is a complex of four parts antique brick architecture . Inside the brick wall corner West - North square brick background , each 3.80 m long sides are built in brick layer ; empty squares between about 1.00 m was filled with compacted gravel and clay mixture . At a depth of 1.00 m has a moment just a brick foundation layer , between leaves small square holes , each way 0,30 m . At a depth of 1.60 m with a background of a brick layer and leave the square as above . The last brick layer at a depth of 2.20 m found in thin gold pieces . The East - North of the mound , at a depth of 0.60 m to detect a square brick box is shifted toward East - South East compared with brick foundation around 3.00 m . There is a seam with three layers stacked bricks , scattered on the surface layer of pebbles . Part tiled floor of 1.00 m wide architecture to the edge of the mound . The south has opaque white pebble layer is sprayed into the square tiles . At a depth of 0.45 m discovered a seam with three layers of bricks overlapping semicircles . North - South has a 2.00 -meter long brick rubble pieces . Below is the final brick layer soil compacted mixture of clay and rubble . The West - South no trace of a square brick architecture , next to the North - South parallel with the north tile floor . Confused much tiled floor and ground breaking bricks . Relics in ruins :

    Hands subject : sandstone , coarse-grained texture . Carrying himself like the palm to hold the orb back hands tied first pillar straight off the platform . This is often seen in the hands of Vishnu statues , money art style antenna - no , VII century - VIII AD .

    Group metal artifacts include :

Gold leaf turtle shape : 2.40 cm long , 1.50 cm wide . Oval cupped slightly beaten , made ​​clear head, tail and four legs of the turtle is swimming posture . Figure turtle considered sacred animals are common in the Oc Eo culture relics and Champa . The turtle is a symbol of the god Vishnu , often called Vishnu - Vishnu Kurma or - Matsia .

    Gold leaf shaped screws : 2.50 cm long , 1.50 cm wide . Snails are usually on hand common Vishnu idol , had belonged to the gods , called Cankha .


    Yellow leaves flower shape with a diameter of 2.80 cm , depicting leopard in between four wings around showing six evenly spaced flowers tomorrow . Leopard is one of the symbols of the Hindu sacred objects .

    Two yellow leaves mental image : rectangle , representing gods in an upright position , Mukuta hat , body naked , wearing tattoos under short Pot , belt back around his waist , holding a stick as a weapon. Maybe this is arguably god Dvarapala name ( guardian ) commonly found in Hinduism and Buddhism .

    Relic is a form of Hindu temples . Dating from the seventh century - VIII AD .


    Monuments Stream Rang ( aka Mr. Weasel Mieu ) is situated between streams and springs Rang Rong is located SFE Vinh An, Phu Ly commune , Vinh Cuu district . Monuments include two clusters with four floating mound located on a high hill east - west 200 m apart . Go south had been bulldozed over the eastern half of the area . Architecture mound just inside the western wall - South of 24 layers stack on top of each brick . Brick wall in the background there are six large quartz rocks . To the south of the mound of stone, brick dug sprawling . There are five polished stones , a perforated plate groove , a groove width 2 cm body length . Go north relatively intact . Top mounds have a 1 m2 wide crater caused by the gold digging , but not to the brick wall . How to say two mounds on a small mound of about 15 m2 higher ground around about 1.00 m , there are mounds of broken bricks surface due to digging . Go west , on whether to place a width of 40 square meters , about the middle ground has emerged high up the small mound of about 10 m2 , on the mound more bricks . Maybe this is the center of the architectural vestige . Stream Rang relics were destroyed and can not identify the level of structure and layout . According to local people said at the monuments had picked up a yellow piece of ancient inscriptions and a stone retaining walls dark brown ( base object currently stored at the Museum ) . Section rectangular plinth , two feet and two pillars , a square , a circle was carved with lotus flowers surrounded . Below is a cylindrical plug trays often found in Hindu god statues . Stream relics that she is adobe architecture , large stone mixtures , close to the structure near the ruins in sync. Dating from the seventh century - VIII AD .


    Apart from the ruins , the relics , the middle part of Dong Nai river also discovered a Ganesa statues (now no longer ) in Tan Binh Phuoc Pagoda , Vinh Cuu district . According to the documentary , said: 0,70 m high statue , stone material legged posture sitting Indian style . First chit donut , rope shoulder strap , wrap the hose falls flat stomach , hand shower and double bowl . Body to ceiling , under wear short Pot tattoo , arm , wrist jewelry . Statue style Champa art , dating from the seventh century - VIII AD .​

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