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The vestiges of national culture on the Dong Nai - Part III

The vestiges of national culture on the Dong Nai - Part III

Kingdom of Champa culture and traces

    At the end of the second century AD from Khanh Hoa Hai Van mountain today to have the same people Malayo - Polinesien from outside the island to establish Linyi ( Champa ) , took the center of Quang Nam land to build the capital of Tra Kieu , open port of Hoi An , the influence of Indian culture , Sanskrit used .


    Since its founding in northern Champa should always take frequent military raiding southern Vietnam should traces University Champa culture in Dong Nai than 10 century AD almost absent . By the mid- twelfth century wars between Champa - Chendla lasted nearly another century invasion , Dong Nai is the buffer between the two kingdoms definitely affected .


    In Dong Nai area found that Champa culture relics found only a few statues of Hindu gods - Hindu Champa style around the Bien Hoa .


    Buu Son Pagoda is a frieze worship Vishnu sandstone statues , reliefs carved in a sitting position , legs Indian-style cross-legged on a low pedestal adjacent to each other , have four hands , two hands before holding mace , after holding two hand screws and plates that belonged to the gods , based on flat back atrium , behind the carved inscriptions . Mukuta style hat shaped spiers .


    Form of self- reliefs carved statue behind the Cham word interspersed Sanskrit words and pretty much self exists in the form of letters Champa today . Content inscription refers to a historical event of war a prince named Vijaya Nauk Glaun after the victory has won numerous statues erected Tribhu Vanakranta ( reliefs Vishnu ) with the spoils taken from the Khmer . Chronology recorded on beer that is engraved in 1421 , bearing two carved frieze art style Tower Man - Yang Mun . Perhaps reliefs carved on the spot not a form of art that combines two styles harmoniously sculpted Tower Man - Yang Mun ( Champa ) . Content Hindu inscription shows that time closely connected with the Champa kingdom , the spiritual support of Champa royal . The combination of theocratic kingship and is expressed quite clear that in Gods Vishnu expression be exalted position leading role in protection , the Prince gave their all to get booty from the war for permanent ownership rather than retained enjoyment.

Buu Son Pagoda near people also found four leaf plate reliefs were carved from stone right consistency ( stone glue ) . Shown images of two people , two shown images of sacred objects , carved quite rough .

Two panels were carved reliefs humanoid torso shape , conical hat , hands clasped together as holding an object to his chest , as if in prayer posture .


    Two panels shaped reliefs carved on a sacred object standing pillar in the middle , flanked by two contemporary touch with the broad umbrella shaped like letters - love - slightly waist station in between . It can be a symbol of sacred objects Linga form up on the altar with the sacred flame .


    Four bas-relief panels are decorative images are mounted on the roof of the Hindu temple , reliefs shown chronic low style ( Champa ) but with the material in place , rough contours of the particular manifestations of Bien Hoa .

At Temple She Opportunities ( Nhon Trach ) discovered a sandstone statue carved in the form of prostitution , headless , holding her hands clasped over his chest lotus -like , tied back with perhaps pedestal mounted using architecture Hindu temples . Statue of female figure is shown praying , Champa style .


    Champa culture traces found on the Dong Nai dating back quite late and rare . It is associated with historical events which later inscriptions Buu Son Vishnu statue said pretty fierce war between Chendla - Champa on this land that victory belongs Nauk Glaun Prince Vijaya ( Champa ) .​​

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