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Expanding Export Channels for Local Products

(News Portal – Dong Nai) - Recently, the 2024 Prominent Vietnamese Exports Fair took place in Ho Chi Minh City. The event featured 450 booths, nearly double the size compared to 2023. It gathered the leading reputable export businesses in Vietnam, ready to meet the diverse purchasing needs of international buyers. 


Businesses from Dong Nai participated in the 2024 Prominent Vietnamese Exports Fair. 

The fair focused on key export product groups including: food and beverages; agricultural and seafood products; wooden and handicraft items; textiles, footwear, and bags; rubber, plastics; electronics, mechanics; and other service and support industries.

Numerous business-to-business (B2B) networking activities were organized throughout the fair. Through these sessions, participating businesses had the opportunity to meet and trade one-on-one with representatives and purchasing departments from multinational supermarket chains like Central Retail, MM Mega Market, and e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, among others.

Several enterprises, cooperatives, and production facilities from Dong Nai attended this fair, such as Laven Group Co., Ltd. (Bien Hoa City), Vuong Vi Foods Limited Liability Company (Nhon Trach District), Truong Phat Agricultural Services Cooperative (Nhon Trach District), Van Huong Facility (Bien Hoa City)…

Mr. Dinh Thanh Thien, Director of Laven Group Co., Ltd. (Bien Hoa City) shared that the company participated in many networking activities at the fair, especially with e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba… to understand better the methods and steps to sell and promote products on major global e-commerce platforms. Additionally, the company introduced new products and solutions in coffee production, connecting with customers from Russia, India... 

Through the exhibition activities, the fair provided opportunities for businesses to learn, improve, and innovate technology, enhancing long-term competitive capacity. It also encouraged Vietnamese businesses to participate in the global production, supply, and distribution chains, and to establish strategic cooperative relationships between Vietnamese production and export enterprises and foreign distribution systems.

Ms. Dao Nguyen, representative of Vuong Vi Foods Limited Liability Company (Nhon Trach District), mentioned that through the networking activities, participating in the Prominent Vietnamese Exports Fair allowed businesses not only to promote their products but also to connect and directly sell and consume products. During this event, many businesses, including those from Singapore and South Korea, showed considerable interest in Vi Vuong's product lines. ​

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