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Coordinating Planning for Urban Development

(News Portal – Dong Nai) - Planning plays a crucial role and is considered the "key" to the development process, including the development of the urban system. Therefore, accelerating the progress of planning and ensuring coordination among plans are urgent requirements for developing urban areas in the province. 


Bien Hoa City is the economic and political center of the province.

Delays in “Covering" Subdivision Plans
In July 2014, the Provincial People's Committee officially approved the overall adjustment of the general plan at a 1/10,000 scale for Bien Hoa City, covering the period until 2030, with a vision to 2050. Accordingly, Bien Hoa City is divided into 21 subdivisions. Nearly a decade after the overall adjustment plan for Bien Hoa urban area was approved, only 10 out of the 21 subdivision plans have been approved.

For Nhon Trach new urban area, almost 8 years after the Prime Minister's decision to approve the overall adjustment of the general plan for Nhon Trach new urban area until 2035, with a vision to 2050, only 2 out of the 12 subdivisions have had their plans approved.

While the subdivision plans have not yet been “covered," both Bien Hoa City and Nhon Trach new urban area have begun a new round of general plan adjustments.

In Long Khanh City, more than 2 years after the Provincial People's Committee approved the overall adjustment of the general construction plan at a 1/10,000 scale until 2040, with a vision to 2050, none of the 10 subdivisions have had their plans approved.

The delay in approving subdivision plans is a common issue in urban areas across the province and has significantly impacted the development process. "Without subdivision plans, the authorities lack the conditions to advise the Provincial People's Committee in approving investment policies for projects. This leads to an inability to attract off-budget investment projects and affects the progress of implementing public investment projects," said Mr. Ho Van Ha, Director of the Department of Construction.

Moreover, the management of architectural space, urban landscape, and environmental quality in many areas has not been adequately emphasized, leading to various issues. "Urban development in the province has not made a breakthrough and is not commensurate with the province's inherent potential and advantages. This is because our planning work has not been really effective and has not played a leading role in development," said Acting Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Vo Tan Duc.
Accelerating Planning Progress
According to the Department of Construction, all 11 urban areas in the province have been approved for general plans and are undergoing reviews for adjustments. Among these, four urban areas, including Bien Hoa City, Nhon Trach New Urban Area, Long Thanh Urban Area, and Trang Bom Urban Area, fall under the approval authority of the Prime Minister.

The review and adjustment of the general plans are seen as an opportunity to reorient development processes and address the limitations and existing issues in the urban areas of the province.

Mr. Do Khoi Nguyen, Chairman of Bien Hoa City People's Committee, stated that according to the task of adjusting the overall plan for Bien Hoa City until 2045, approved by the Prime Minister, the adjustment content includes reviewing the conversion of functions of areas within the existing urban areas, and small functional areas such as tourist spots and business establishments that lack connectivity and are not commensurate with the inherent potential. At the same time, it aims to maximize the advantages of new influencing factors. For the wards in the traditional Bien Hoa urban area, it is necessary to study reducing population growth pressure, review, and supplement the park and green space system, and ensure urban infrastructure conditions.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Linh, Member of the Central Party, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, emphasized that among the groups of solutions for urban development, the planning solution group is the "key" to taking further steps in the development process. “Poor planning, not aligned with reality, will hinder development. Planning is important," Secretary Nguyen Hong Linh stressed.

Secretary Nguyen Hong Linh also emphasized that once planning is in place, construction must proceed quickly, ensuring quality and efficiency to promote growth. Planning must be turned into reality through construction. Additionally, the management of planning, construction, environment, and land in urban areas must be strengthened to achieve good urban development. “Poor planning and poor management will not result in a good urban area," Secretary Nguyen Hong Linh added.

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