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Businesses developed together with locality

Besides being a "magnet" to attract investment from foreign projects, Dong Nai is also always one of the priority destinations of domestic enterprises when choosing to invest in production and business.


Production at GC Food Joint Stock Company

After many years of focusing on development, the private business community in the province has grown stronger, many of which have risen to become suppliers for major partners in the world. Accompanying businesses, Dong Nai has been implementing policies to support, remove difficulties, and promote the development of the business community.

The number and quality of businesses are constantly increasing

Along with the opening up and economic development of the whole country, Dong Nai has continuously grown and is among the top in the development of manufacturing industry and business sectors. Since then, the number of enterprise in Dong Nai has continuously increased, especially when our country signed many bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements with major partners in the world.

According to the Dong Nai Statistics Department, by the end of 2020, the province had more than 19.4 thousand enterprises actually operating, creating jobs for more than 864,000 workers. Among them, non-state enterprises take the leading position with more than 18.1 thousand operating units. The number of these enterprises grew on average 10.47% per year from 2016 to 2020.

From 2020 to now, the world economic situation has been disturbed, leading to the production and business results of the business community in the province being affected, thereby leading to difficulties in developing new businesses. However, the number of enterprises entering the local market continues to be at a high level. In the past 2022 alone, there were more than 4,000 newly registered enterprises, adding more than VND 30.8 trillion in capital to the economy, increased 72.2% in newly established enterprises and equal to 66.6% in terms of capital compared to 2021.

Not only has a large number of enterprises, but Dong Nai currently has more than 156.6 thousand individual business households operating (from data of the census in 2021), of which Bien Hoa is the largest with more than 49.8 thousand establishments. These individual production and business establishments are resources to supplement the growth of enterprises in the coming years, so it is also necessary to issue policies to encourage development for enterprises. In addition, the province also has more than 400 cooperatives in the fields of production, trade and services, which are currently making efforts to innovate the development model in the direction of production and business administration like a real enterprise.

Efforts grow up with the times

Astex Co., Ltd (Bien Hoa City) was established at the same time the whole country entered a stressful time against the Covid-19 epidemic. Mr. Le Xuan Thoi, Director of the company said that, up to now, this small business was on the rise in the field of manufacturing and supplying machines, equipment and automation lines such as automatic packaging lines, raw material feeding system. Although still at a modest scale, the owner of this business was confident with the available design staffs, the company could provide the best products to customers and that was an opportunity for long-term development.

In particular, with the great demands of foreign-invested enterprises in the area as well as the whole country, many enterprises of Dong Nai have step by step entered the supply chain of supporting industry products. Many Vietnamese enterprises have become suppliers for foreign partners manufacturing in Vietnam as well as exporting their goods to other countries.

Tuong Lai Company Limited (Long Thanh district) becomes one of the pioneers of Dong Nai participating in the global supply chain under the program of the World Bank. With plastic and rubber auxiliary products and components for assembling motorcycles, cars, molds and some other specialized goods, Tuong Lai has grown from a small enterprise to become a medium-sized enterprise, meeting the strict production standards of its partners.

Similarly, from the factory in Dong Nai, now GC Food Joint Stock Company (Ho Nai Industrial Park, Trang Bom District) has more factories in Ninh Thuan and expanded to the Central Highlands. This enterprise has set a revenue target of 523 billion dong this year and has also listed shares on the stock exchange, bringing the company into a new stage of development. Mr. Nguyen Van Thu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company said that the company's products have been exported to more than 20 countries and supplied raw materials to large domestic corporations such as Vinamilk, Nutifood...​

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