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Breeding but must comply with the planning and ensure the environment

On March 9, Member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Hong Linh worked on domestic waste treatment and environmental protection in animal husbandry.


Member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Hong Linh stated the task for the Party Personnel Committee of the Provincial People's Committee

Upholding environmental issues for sustainable socio-economic development, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee pointed out 6 requirements for the Party Committee of the Provincial People's Committee, departments, branches, sectors and localities. In particular, on domestic waste, it is necessary to speed up the roadmap for issuing waste collection and treatment fees, and roadmap for technological innovation for investors. The Provincial People's Committee focuses on the project of burning waste to generate electricity in Vinh Tan commune and at the same time orienting the domestic waste treatment according to this technology.

In animal husbandry, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee said that Dong Nai developed animal husbandry but must comply with the planning and meet the environment. The province and districts needed to review the areas that were allowed and suitable for livestock development; monitored the environmental protection. There were strong enough sanctions to handle establishments violating and disregard the environment ... Front agencies and People's Councils developed plans and carry out monitoring of environmental protection.


Representative of Department of Natural Resources and Environment reported at the meeting

​According to the report of the People's Committee, the results of monitoring the changes of environmental components from 2020 to 2022 showed that the quality of the soil, underground water and sediment environment in the province was basically within the allowable limitation, but still polluted in rivers and streams, dust pollution at airport construction area.

The indicators of daily-life waste such as: the rate of collection, treatment, and reduction of landfilling met the targets of the resolution of the Provincial Party Committee. However, there were still limitations such as: the treatment area has stopped receiving, the classification has not met expectations, the collection service price and the waste treatment fees have not been adjusted. In the status of violation of bad smell, there was still a lot of wastewater.

Representative of Dong Nai Breeding Association gave comments

At the meeting, localities proposed and requested many issues, of which the current urgency was that there were no auction units for domestic solid waste treatment, the province should issue fees soon. At the same time, tighten the responsibility of investing in transport means standardization, technology and waste treatment responsibility for the localities of treatment areas.

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