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Dong Nai make the export growing area code

​Dong Nai is promoting the multiplication of fruit trees with planting area codes, implementing traceability of fresh fruits to meet the export market.

Xuan Dinh, Xuan Loc district durian growing areas are granted a code of planting areas for export to the Chinese market

The goal is to promote exports of key fruit trees in the province such as mango, jackfruit, banana, durian...

Rapidly increasing the area of planting area code

The province has more than 76.6 thousand hectares of trees. perennial fruit trees, in which there are many kinds of fruit trees that are having export strengths. In the past, countries such as the United States, Australia, Japan, and South Korea have all made requirements on the code of the growing area and the packing facility for imported agricultural products. From 2023, the large Chinese market has set strict 

standards, requiring that from the growing area to the packaging facility all be granted a new code to be eligible to export to this market.

According to a report by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, over the past time, the agricultural sector has focused on supporting farmers, cooperatives and businesses to develop planting area codes and export packing codes for key crops in the area. conscious. Up to now, the province has 120 planting area codes for export to China, USA, EU, Australia, New Zealand... with a total area of more than 24,000 hectares. In which, focus on the province's key crops such as mango, dragon fruit, banana, jackfruit, durian...

In order to achieve the set goal in multiplying the planting area codes and packing establishments codes for export markets, the Provincial Agriculture Sector continues to deploy a series of solutions. The goal is that by 2025, the whole province will have 73 more planting area codes with a total area of more than 6,448 hectares. In which, continue to build 22 more area codes for pomelo trees with an area of nearly 1.7 thousand hectares; 21 area codes for growing durian with more than 1.5 thousand ha; 7 area codes for growing bananas with an area of over 1.5 thousand ha, 4 area codes for growing dragon fruit with an area of 460 ha.

In particular, the Agriculture sector will focus on forming product chain links from growing regions, packers, exporters, localities and state management agencies. Strengthen linkages with growing regions, packers to control exports from growing regions and packers to avoid code impersonation, bringing products from outside the growing area or packing facility packages without planting area codes in the product chain and export control, as well as violations related to the use of codes. Specifically, by 2025, the whole province will build 20 linkage chains to consume all kinds of agricultural products for export, in which 100% of the crop areas of the linkage chains in the province will be granted a planting area code. 

Opportunities to boost durian exports

After more than 4 years of negotiations, from September 2022, Vietnam officially exports durian fruit to the Chinese market. Thus, 2023 is considered a great opportunity to promote the export of durian through official channels to the Chinese market. However, the challenge is not small when the import standards of fresh fruit in this market are becoming more and more stringent.

Many durian exporters inside and outside the province are very interested in cooperating with farmers and cooperatives to expand the durian acreage that is granted planting area codes to meet the export market in 2023. Ms. Hoang Thi My Ngoc, Director of Hoa Hanh Fruit Import-Export Co., Ltd (Bau Tram commune, Long Khanh city) shared that the company currently has 3 factories to pack and preliminarily process durian for export. In particular, the factory in Long Khanh city alone has a capacity of 150 tons/day, purchasing about 90,000 tons of durian/year. The enterprise has built a team of technicians to guide people to make planting area codes to ensure durian output for export to China as well as other fastidious markets. Enterprises are looking forward to the local government to support businesses, cooperatives, farmers build a chain of sustainable durian production and consumption in the locality.

With more than 9.1 thousand hectares, Dong Nai is the province with a large durian area of the country with an output of more than 50,000 tons/year. In addition to the large durian area, Dong Nai mainly grows durian varieties favored by the export market such as: Ri 6 variety accounts for 45% of the area, and Dona variety accounts for 50% of the area. Durian grown in the province also achieves both yield and quality with an average of about 12 tons/ha; especially, there are areas reaching 25 tons/ha such as: Cam My District, Long Khanh City.

Dong Nai is also one of the leading provinces to effectively implement the issuance of area codes for durian cultivation for export to China. According to Ms. Tran Thi Tu Oanh, Deputy Head of the Sub-Department of Cultivation, Plant Protection and Irrigation (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development), to prepare for the official export of durian products to the Chinese market, from the beginning of 2021, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has coordinated with specialized agencies of districts and cities to propagate and guide businesses, organizations and individuals wishing to export agricultural products the regulations on issuance of agricultural products. growing area code, packing facility. As a result of the first assessment, Dong Nai had 7 durian growing areas participating in the assessment and all met the standards and were granted a planting area code with a total area of 533ha. In the coming time, the Sub-Department will continue to support businesses, cooperatives and farmers to replicate the code of planting areas,

According to the Sub-Department of Cultivation, Plant Protection and Irrigation (Department of Agricultural and Rural Development), in the coming time, the Sub-department continues to promote communication, training, inspection and supervision to improve the capacity and awareness of people and businesses in compliance and standardization of growing areas and packing facilities.
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