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Private healthcare thrives

​In recent years, the private healthcare system in the province has made great progress in both quality and quantity. The strong development of private healthcare helps improve the quality of medical examination and treatment for people. At the same time, reducing the load on the public health system…


A doctor examines a patient at Hoan My ITO Hospital Dong Nai

Performing thousands of difficult surgeries

After more than 10 years of establishment, from a scale of 70 beds, up to now, Hoan My ITO Dong Nai Hospital has increased to 150 inpatient beds with 9 clinical and subclinical departments.
Dr. Truong Thi Thu Hang, General Director of Hoan My ITO Dong Nai Hospital, said that in order to meet the increasing medical examination and treatment needs of the people, the hospital is fully equipped with modern equipment such as: Stryker arthroscopic surgery system, Siemens C-arm machine, GE digital X-ray, Leica microsurgery glasses. At the same time, gather a team of good doctors and leading experts to implement many new treatment techniques and out-of-line surgeries in key areas of the hospital such as: Orthopedic trauma, surgery, and neurosurgery. menstruation, urology.
The hospital has performed more than 4,000 orthopedic surgeries including: knee and hip replacement surgery, endoscopic treatment of meniscus tear/rupture, ligament reconstruction, shoulder arthroscopy; 300 spine surgeries with minimally invasive methods under modern microsurgery glasses; nearly 3,000 urological surgeries…
In which, there are very complicated cases that have been successfully performed such as: partial hip replacement for a 96-year-old woman with a fractured transverse transverse femur or successful joint replacement surgery for a 96-year-old woman. A 100-year-old woman weighing only 30kg suffered multiple injuries. The hospital also established the first Sports Medicine Unit in Dong Nai specializing in treatment and rehabilitation for professional and non-professional athletes.
Recently, the hospital has successfully performed hip replacement surgery for an old man NVT (104 years old, living in Gia Kiem commune, Thong Nhat district). This is the oldest patient ever to receive a successful hip replacement at the hospital.
Mr. T. was hospitalized with severe pain in the groin area, unable to move after falling from the car. X-ray results showed that Mr. T. had a complex multi-piece left femur fracture. Not only that, Mr. T. also has a history of bladder atrophy and was operated on to open the bladder to the skin 4 years ago. This is a rather complicated background disease, so the doctor must consult with an internist, anesthesiologist, and anesthesiologist before giving the indication for artificial joint replacement surgery to ensure the safety of the patient during and after surgery. dangerous complications occur.
The surgery was then performed thoroughly and successfully by specialist doctor Tran Van Vuong, Department of Orthopedic Trauma and team. During surgery, the patient did not experience any complications. Thanks to the good post-operative recovery, the patient recovered quickly. Currently, the patient is awake, has good contact, can sit up, turn and move his limbs well.

Promote international cooperation

Although "born later", Shing Mark University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy has left a strong impression on patients because of its spacious facilities, most modern machinery and equipment today. This is the first 100% foreign-invested hospital in Dong Nai with a scale of 1.5 thousand beds; is the first private hospital in the province to deploy the Interventional Cardiology Unit; cancer treatment. The hospital has an automatic testing system Power Processor and automated biochemical analysis system Beckman Coulter. These are two leading advanced technologies in the field of medicine, helping to reduce test time, increase operational efficiency and ensure high accuracy in testing.
specialist level 2 Tran Doan Dao, professional director of Shing Mark University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, said that the hospital gathers a team of leading medical experts and professional advisors, from hospitals such as the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Cho Ray, Oncology HCMC. In addition, the hospital also regularly organizes cooperation activities, exchanges, technology transfer, seminars with major hospitals in Taiwan such as Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical Hospital. Thereby, in order to improve the professional qualifications of the hospital's doctors and nurses.
Just experienced medical services at the VIP examination area of Shing Mark University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy a few days ago, Mr. Tran Manh Hung, a resident of Long Binh Tan Ward, Bien Hoa City, said he was very satisfied with the attitude. service level as well as facilities and machines at the VIP examination area. All procedures are done quickly. The consultant doctor is also very enthusiastic and professional.
“What I feel most satisfied when I visit Shing Mark University Hospital is the modern, clean facilities, quick procedures, dedicated doctors and nurses" - Mr. Hung shared.

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